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Shahan is a Microsoft Certified Professional of .Net. Mostly self taught programmer and a quick learner, who just love to code and always eager to find unique solutions to the common problems. Currently working as an iOS developer.
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Copy one database table rows to another database table

It is a common practice in IT industry that organizations manages data in different databases for different departments. For example a company has a Quality assurance database and a developer database. But they faces an issue when they need a record from some database to their database. In that case, IT person needs to write … Continue reading

SQL Challenge 1

Problem: how do I write a query in SQL to do this? I have a table: name mark u 23 h 38 j 20 p 83 and for output we need name mark mark2 u 23 38 h 38 20 j 20 83 p 83 0 Solution: The query to accomplish the task: is ;WITH … Continue reading

AutoComplete Textbox

Introduction: During the work on a project, i need to use a control having auto complete facility in it as user types then I realized that we can make use of the textbox control  or combobox control for this purpose. Both controls can be used to filter records as a drop down list to show … Continue reading

Populate DataGridViewCheckBoxColumn at Runtime

This article shows how to populate the CheckBoxColumn of the DataGridView at runtime from the database. This code demonstrate that a datasource has been bind to the datagridview and using the datagridview’s “DataPropertyName” to the checkbox column. It will automatically populate the column with the desired values. Here is the code: Dim dt As DataTable … Continue reading

Populate DataGridViewComboBoxColumn at Runtime

This will demonstrate how you can bind DataGridViewComboBoxColumn to your DataGridView and populate it. The way you can follow, is to create and add a DataGridViewComboBoxColumn in your datagridview and populate every combo Box with the values in an iterative manner. Here I have discussed two approaches: See the code, here Db2DataSet is filled before … Continue reading

Remove first line from multiline Texboxes

Hi! We have dozens of methods to solve this issue but here is one line approach as I provided: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/vblanguage/thread/40d252ee-6506-4e52-9320-d1b266c5e573/ Regards, Shahan Ayyub


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